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Historic Tales of Whoop-Up Country:

On the Trail from Montana's Fort Benton to Canada's Fort Macleod

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     2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Whoop-up Country, set in the broad prairie lands between Fort Benton, northward across the Medicine Line into the yet to be formed Canadian prairie provinces. The stage was set by withdrawal of the Hudson Bay Company, and from 1870 to 1883 supplies, trade goods, immigrants, adventurers--and whiskey--traveled along the legendary Whoop-Up Trail to Fort Whoop-Up and dozens of other posts

      The absence of law and order forced the Canadian government to create the North West Mounted Police, send them West to establish law and order, close down the whiskey trade, and drive free traders back across the border into Montana.

       During these “Whoop-Up Days,” Fort Benton was emerging from the rough frontier town, featuring “the Bloodiest Block in the West,” into a major trade center with merchant princes like I.G. Baker and T.C. Power competing with Free Traders for dominance in the Whoop-up Country.

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