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Thursday 6 pm


Saturday 1 pm


Wednesday 6 pm


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Saturday 1-3 pm


Monday 5:30pm


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Wednesday 5:30 pm


Tuesday 7 pm


Saturday 9 am

Black Heritage Evening GF Public Library


“All are welcome” at the Ozark Club The History Museum


Montana A Paper Trail with Tom Minckler GFPL


Whoop-Up Country at Fort Shaw, Sun River Valley Hist Soc


Gustavus Sohon at Mullan Road Conference, Missoula


Cold War Montana at The Springs, Missoula


Rolfe at Waking the Dead, Highland Cemetery


Barnes and Noble GF


Gustavus Sohon, Northwest Posse of Westerners, Kalispell


Historic Tales of Fort Benton, Cassiopeia Books, Great Falls


Historic Tales of Fort Benton, Fort Benton Public Library


River & Plains FB


Alma Jacobs, Montana History Conference, Helena

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